Top 10 Nail Art Designs Inspired by Fall

Some people like being creative with clothes, hair, or makeup, while others with their nails. Having nice and creative nail art can be such an amazing feeling, so why not give a try to something more than just applying a one-coat base? With fall casting its magic everywhere, it’s a good idea to take some … Read more

Top 10 Best Ideas for Festive Christmas Cookies

Top 10 Best Ideas for Festive Christmas Cookies | Top Inspired

It’ll be Christmas before you know it, which means you need to start preparing your edible arsenal. We all know that nothing heralds the holiday season like the smell of warm Christmas cookies right out from the oven. So, why don’t you start spreading the holiday cheer with making traditional sugar biscuits and cookies which … Read more

Top 10 Red Nails Designs

Top 10 Red Nails Designs | Top Inspired

The red color is a timeless color for nails, it looks feminine and passionate. You will never go wrong with choosing classic red for your nails. But, if you want to make them even more interesting you can add different designs and shapes on them. In this post you will find 10 amazing nail ideas … Read more