Top 10 Stunning DIY Choker Nekclaces

Top 10 Stunning DIY Choker Nekclaces | Top Inspired

Choker necklaces have been around for centuries and at one point were considered the height of jewelry fashion. The definition of the classical choker is a lace, velvet or other strip of material worn tight around the neck and adorned with some kind of a pendant. Today, they are favored by various subcultures, but that … Read more

Top 10 Fun And Unusual DIY Scarfs (Free Kniting and Crocheting Patterns)

Having a warm and cozy scarf is a necessary accessory during these winter months if you wish to remain healthy, but many may agree that conventional scarfs are not quite flattering or fit to wear for every occasion. Those of us with a more playful nature may want a scarf with character, but those unique … Read more

Top 10 Fun And Fancy DIY Washer Necklaces

Accessorizing can entirely change the look of an outfit entirely, which is why women love having different jewelry pieces, especially necklaces. While necklaces can be a lot affordable than buying a whole new outfit it doesn’t mean that we must spend a fortune on a few trinkets, no matter how cool they look. In fact, … Read more

Top 10 Amazing DIY Pearl Accessories

Top 10 Amazing DIY Pearl Accessories | Top Inspired

Pearls are timeless accessories that can always make you look classy and gorgeous, and they go with everything. If you have some pearl jewelry that you’ve forgotten about, get it out and make wonderful pearl jewelry. You don’t have to use real pearls, the faux ones are just fine. They are cheap, but trust us … Read more

Top 10 Best Tutorials for DIY Necklaces

We all know: You can buy fashion or you can make the fashion! Accessories are a fun way to personalize an outfit with your own unique flair. The necklace is an important piece of jewellery, because it’s easy to add to any outfit, and can often be the one thing that takes your outfit from … Read more

Top 10 DIY Projects For Old Car Tires

Top 10 DIY Projects For Old Car Tires | Top Inspired

We have all had a flat tire at least once in our life and usually we patch it up and try to drive it a few extra miles, but eventually we end up throwing it away. The car tire is an incredibly endurable rubber contraption that can be recycled and reused in a number of … Read more