Top 10 Things to Wear to Be Trendy This Winter

Top 10 Things to Wear to Be Trendy This Winter 2014-2015 | Top Inspired

The year is coming to an end, and that we know not only from the winter commercials but the scent of snow in the air, the absence of the sun, and the cold mornings. But don’t let the season change your mood because new trends are on the porch, and they are classier than ever. … Read more

Top 10 Beautiful Winter Style Ideas

Combine pants, sweaters, blouses, and skirts with cozy coats and boots, soft shawls, gloves, and hats. Winter is wonderful weather when you can put on clothes as much as you want and in the end, you will look good anyway. Women just love the exotic winter clothes pieces and combine them with lovely accessories like … Read more

Top 10 Amazing DIY Pearl Accessories

Top 10 Amazing DIY Pearl Accessories | Top Inspired

Pearls are timeless accessories that can always make you look classy and gorgeous, and they go with everything. If you have some pearl jewelry that you’ve forgotten about, get it out and make wonderful pearl jewelry. You don’t have to use real pearls, the faux ones are just fine. They are cheap, but trust us … Read more

Top 10 Quick and Easy Hand Dish Washing Tips

Even though dishwashing doesn’t sound so hard, it is definitely by far the most monotonous thing in the world. Some even find it disgusting, especially when they have to battle greasy dishes and plastic containers. The truth is, very few of us enjoy washing the dishes. And with a very good reason. Besides, dishes tend … Read more

Top 10 DIY Halloween Treat Bags

Top 10 DIY Halloween Treat Bags | Top Inspired

When trick-or-treaters come knocking on your door on Halloween, you better have some candy at hand if you don’t want to be tricked during the night. There are couple of ways you can give away the candy: you can have all the candy mixed up in one bowl and let the children dig in or … Read more