Top 10 Fun And Unusual DIY Scarfs (Free Kniting and Crocheting Patterns)

Having a warm and cozy scarf is a necessary accessory during these winter months if you wish to remain healthy, but many may agree that conventional scarfs are not quite flattering or fit to wear for every occasion. Those of us with a more playful nature may want a scarf with character, but those unique … Read more

Top 10 DIY Thanksgiving Wreaths

Top 10 DIY Thanksgiving Wreaths | Top Inspired

Wreaths have a long cultural history and across the ages their purpose and meaning has changed. Today, we use them simply for decoration, usually with one simple reason in mind: to make our home look more inviting and welcoming by marking or symbolizing a specific occasion, weather it refers to a season or a holiday. … Read more

Top 10 DIY Halloween Topiaries

Top 10 DIY Halloween Topiaries | Top Inspired

Traditionally, topiaries are small shrubs or trees trimmed into a particular shape. However, today a topiary can be anything that resembles a small plant or tree cut most commonly in the shape of a ball, a spiral or a cone. Topiaries today are simple, yet elegant indoor decorations or a table centerpieces. For Halloween, topiaries … Read more