Top 10 Tasty DIY Decorations With Real Candy Canes

Besides the birth of Jesus Christ, we love Christmas because we get to spend a great portion of our free time with our families playing board games, watching TV, and eating good food. Speaking of good food, we dare not exclude the candy, which is inevitable during this time of the year. Especially the candy … Read more

10 Cornucopia Centerpiece DIY Ideas For Thanksgiving

Top 10 DIY Cornucopia Centerpieces For Thanskgiving | Top Inspired

Since Thanksgiving is a holiday when we express gratitude for what we have and given that it is in the season of harvest, it is no wonder that the cornucopia is one of the traditional pieces we use as our Thanksgiving decorations. The cornucopia or the horn of plenty is probably the oldest symbol of … Read more

Top 10 DIY Tiny Thanksgiving Turkey Toys For Kids

Top 10 DIY Tiny Thanksgiving Turkey Toys For Kids | Top Inspired

Thanksgiving is a family gathering where all the close and extended family gather for a meal, which means that the children are present as well, with all their rambunctiousness and energy. So you need to find a way to keep them entertained and sited at their table during the dinner. Giving them toys is one … Read more

Top 10 Fun And Fancy Thanksgiving Place Cards

Top 10 Fun And Fancy Thanksgiving Place Cards | Top Inspired

When sitting at a dinner table if you want a fun and relaxed atmosphere it is crucial that the people sitting next to each other or across one another are at least on speaking terms. On Thanksgiving, when all of your friends and extended family members gather together, in order to avoid any awkwardness, you … Read more

Top 10 DIY Halloween Topiaries

Top 10 DIY Halloween Topiaries | Top Inspired

Traditionally, topiaries are small shrubs or trees trimmed into a particular shape. However, today a topiary can be anything that resembles a small plant or tree cut most commonly in the shape of a ball, a spiral or a cone. Topiaries today are simple, yet elegant indoor decorations or a table centerpieces. For Halloween, topiaries … Read more