Top 10 DIY Christmassy Napkin Rings

When hosting a fancy dinner party you want everything to be perfect, down to the smallest detail, and let’s face it, those details can be the deciding factor between receiving praise or rebuke from your guest. So, if you wish to add some extra holiday feel to your dinner table, without overdoing it, you can … Read more

Top 10 Lovely DIY Christmas Beaded Earrings

Is there any season more precious than Christmastime? It is a time when we are happy and joyful, a time when we give and receive presents and a time when we decorate our home with Christmas-themed things. However, in order for the true Christmas spirit to be upon us, besides decorating our home, we can … Read more

Top 10 Lovely DIY Pet Collars

Pets are considered as part of the family, with pet owners loving and treating them as their children. Therefore, it comes as no surprise, that occasionally they want to dress them up to match the pet’s personality. Pets in most cases would go along with this dress-up that makes their owners so happy, but for … Read more