Top 10 DIY Tutorials For Making Your Own Wedding Ring Pillows

TOP 10 DIY Tutorials For Making Your Own Wedding Ring Pillows | Top Inspired

When you are planning a wedding, you must think about all the details. Sure, choosing the place to hold the ceremony and the wedding dress are the two most important things, but the details are what makes a wedding special and unique. It is fun and easy to make those details on your own – … Read more

Top 10 Septum Piercing Facts You Must Know

Top 10 Facts About The New Trend - Septum Piercing | Top Inspired

The septum piercing is a way to show your rebel side and add an edge to your look and show your independence and free spirit. The septum is the cartilage that divides your nostrils, but the thing that is getting pierced is actually the tissue underneath. You may connect the septum piercing with the bullnose … Read more

Top 10 Ways To Store Jewelry

Top 10 Ways To Store Jewelry | Top Inspired

Don’t you just hate when your favorite earrings get lost because you don’t have a safe place to put them and they get scattered all over your purses, make up boxes and the toilet cabinets. That is not how you should store and take care of your jewelry. Jewelry are very fragile things,often times small … Read more

Top 10 Best Celebrity Engagement Rings

Have you ever wondered what engagement rings in Hollywood looked like? Find out here! We have a list of the top 10 best engagement rings. Big sparkly rocks that look gorgeous, and by only looking at them from pictures, you can be dazzled by their beauty. We hope that this will give you the inspiration … Read more