Top 10 Refreshing And Healthy Cucumber Drinks

Top 10 Refreshing And Healthy Cucumber Drinks | Top Inspired

Ring ring! Summer and Spring are in the town! We hope you are prepared for all those breezy, warm, chilling, friends nights. Or, mornings. Depend on which one you prefer more. We know you all have your favorite drinks you are always sticking to, but have you tried anything with cucumber? Have you tasted that … Read more

Top 10 St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails

Top 10 St. Patrick's Day Cocktails | Top Inspired

One of the most famous catholic holiday in the world and one of the most amusing for everyone too, but, this day is celebrated the most by the Irish people across the globe. The Saint Patrick’s Day is an interesting way to have some fun with the people you love, to wear and drink only green … Read more

Top 10 Tempting Shot Recipes

Shots are a great way to get everyone drinking together. They can be great for playing drinking games, celebrating occasions such as birthdays, stag dos, hen nights, or as a way of getting warmed up at the bar. Keep in mind when doing shots that, since the effects don’t kick in right away, you’ll want … Read more