Top 10 DIY Swing Tutorials for Your Backyard or Porch

TOP 10 DIY Swing Tutorials for Your Backyard or Porch | Top Inspired

It might be already mid-summer, but it is still not too late to have new furniture in your garden. How about a cozy swing, hammock, or swing bed? There is no better way to relax on your porch than laying or swinging away in one of these outdoor swings. Find a style that suits your home and … Read more

Top 10 Most Zen Places That Will Relax Your Mind

Given our fast-paced lifestyle that causes so much stress, we all get to a point when all we need is to break away from everything and go to some relaxing place to rest our bodies and minds. How often does this happen to you? Quite frequent, I’d assume.  Being in a ‘zen’ mood doesn’t always … Read more

Top 10 Best DIY Pet Projects

Top 10 DIY Pet Projects | Top Inspired

Let’s make happy our best friends from another race! We are the persons that they love the most, so we should return their unconditional love and make something for them. No matter if you have a cat, dog, fish, or hammock, here is your opportunity to take a little of your time and effort and … Read more