Top 10 Best Family Dogs for Kids

TOP 10 Best Dog Breeds For A Family With Kids | Top Inspired

If you want a furry little one to fulfill your family, some specific dog breeds are more adequate. We present you the TOP 10 Best Dogs for Kids! Every dog breed has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of them are better for outdoors; others need lots of daily activities and a lot of care … Read more

Top 10 Autumn in New York Photos That Will Make You Wish You Were There

It’s that time of the year when the city that never sleeps is covered with the colors of fall – red, brown, orange, yellow, and it makes an amazing contrast with the tall grey and deep red buildings that make New York authentic. Everyone who visits the city is amazed by it and wishes to … Read more

Top 10 Amazing Macro Images

TOP 10 Amazing Macro Images | Top Inspired

Photography is a powerful vehicle for photographers to express themselves, show amazing landscapes, present wonderful cultures, capture difficult situations in our society, or even horrifying wars. Through the lens, we can get an insight into things that we do not normally see and are not available for us. Macro photography is about recording images that … Read more

Top 10 Russian Landscape Photographers

TOP 10 Russian Landscape Photographers | Top Inspired

We have asked Vadim Balakin master photographer to select the ten best Russian landscape photographers and their wonderful pictures to introduce you the great talents of Russia. There are many different genres or types of photography such as Fashion, Lifestyle, Architecture, Portrait, Sports, News, and more. Another big category is Landscape photography. It represents natural … Read more

Top 10 Landscape Photographs by the Russian Master of Photography – Vadim Balakin

TOP 10 Landscape Photographs by the Russian Master of Photography - Vadim Balakin | Top Inspired

We have asked the Russian master photographer, Vadim Balakin, to share his favorite photos with us. It is an honor to have a hand picked selection of his landscape shots followed by his own comments on Top Inspired. Winner of several international awards such as National Geographic Russia “Wildlife” 2011 – 1st place winner in … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In USA

TOP 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds In USA For 2014 | Top Inspired

It’s pretty easy to tell which dogs are the most popular in your city. Just take a stroll to the nearest dog park. You might see plenty of Chihuahuas or Pugs running around your neighborhood, but what about in the rest of the U.S.? The American Kennel Club recently released its list of the most … Read more

TOP 10 Greenest Cities In The World

TOP 10 Greenest Cities In The World #1 Is In Canada | Top Inspired

Recently the world turned out to be not as beautiful and as clean as it was before. Unfortunately, living becomes a drag as everyone needs to fight off pollution and climate change. Thanks to the efforts of governments and vigilant individuals and organizations, Going Green has been globally introduced. Due to the increased awareness of … Read more

Top 10 World’s Cheapest Exotic Travel Destinations

TOP 10 World's Cheapest Exotic Travel Destinations | Top Inspired

We may have left the summer far behind us, but if you are not into winter sports or the cold temperature, you can pack your summer clothes for the next vacation and you won’t need to spend a whole fortune. For that reason, we have prepared a list of top exotic and cheap destinations where … Read more

Top 10 Photos Of The Scandinavian Fishing Village From Your Dreams

Top 10 Photos Of The Scandinavian Fishing Village From Your Dreams | Top Inspired

Called everything from “postcard looking” to “idyllic,” Reine is a small Norwegian fishing village nestled in the Lofoten Archipelago, a picturesque string of islands within the Arctic Circle.This touristic destination is visited by  thousands people each year who come to gaze upon its natural beauty. You can camp under the stars on nearby beaches, catch … Read more

Top 10 Deadliest Animals In South Africa

Top 10 Deadliest Animals In South Africa #1 Has The Smallest Size | Top Inspired

While it is difficult to obtain precise numbers of fatalities, here is a list of ten animals that cause the most human deaths in South Africa. Among them are the lions, the white shark, hippos, snakes. The most interesting fact is that the deadliest species of all has a miniature size of an ant, definitely … Read more