Top 10 Most Amazing Sculptures from Around The World

All around the world, in almost any city or town, you can find many monuments, sculptures, and statues displayed in parks, squares, or other places. These public artworks represent different things, but they are usually monuments dedicated to fallen heroes, distinguished individuals, or represent some significant part of history. But some of them are pure art, … Read more

Top 10 Most Fascinating Libraries in The World

Don’t you just love libraries? They are full of stories, nice and quiet, and free for everyone. But in the Kindle and iPad era, people have stopped visiting libraries as often as they used to in the past. That is truly a shame as there are libraries worldwide that are so fascinating and breathtaking. These libraries that … Read more

Top 10 Fascinating Tree Tunnels Across the World

Nature always has something more to surprise and inspire us. If we look carefully around us, we can notice that the beauty of nature is everywhere. It is in the trees in the park, in the nearby mountains, in the flowers in our garden. But, some of us are luckier to witness wonders such as … Read more

Top 10 Rarest Orchids in the World

TOP 10 Rarest Orchids in the World | Top Inspired

Orchids are one of the most popular and most fascinating flowers in the world. They are always present on the list of the most expensive and rarest flowers. This is because of their unique beauty and because their species are so rare that they can only be seen once in hundreds of years. The orchid … Read more

Top 10 Beauty Tips From Brides All Over the World

Top 10 Beauty Tips From Brides All Over the World | Top Inspired

Love is universal, but tying the note is different everywhere. Each culture has it’s own wedding traditions and customs to make the special day even more special. What they all have in common is the need of expressing the bride’s beauty. A lot of them have developed unique beauty treatments especially made for the lucky girl. … Read more

TOP 10 Greenest Cities In The World

TOP 10 Greenest Cities In The World #1 Is In Canada | Top Inspired

Recently the world turned out to be not as beautiful and as clean as it was before. Unfortunately, living becomes a drag as everyone needs to fight off pollution and climate change. Thanks to the efforts of governments and vigilant individuals and organizations, Going Green has been globally introduced. Due to the increased awareness of … Read more

TOP 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World

TOP 10 Most Peaceful Countries In The World | Top Inspired

Everyone loves the country he is born in, but that doesn’t mean that there are no better places to live in the world. Given the economic and political factors and the crime level, below you can find a list of the 10 most peaceful countries in the world. These places are ideal if you want … Read more

Top 10 Weirdest Islands In The World

Top 10 Weirdest Islands In The World #9 Is Paradise For The Cat Lovers | Top Inspired

When we think of an island, we imagine a wonderland with beautiful beaches, white sand, clear water, and exotic cocktails. But there are islands in the world that is pretty much the opposite of that paradise in our heads. One of them is cursed, given that all their owners tragically lost their lives, the other … Read more

Top 10 Oldest Cities In The World

Top 10 Oldest Cities In The World #1 Is Dating Back 11000 Years | Top Inspired

Cities that have stood the test of time have more than just the scars of history. They show the influence of human civilization. Have you ever considered which is the oldest city in the world? Here I am not talking about just the oldest city in the world, which may be in ruins today. But instead, … Read more

Top 10 Breathtaking Castles Around The World That Will Hypnotize You

There are so many breathtaking castles around the world that it’s very hard to distinguish which are the best ones. In general, all castles are a delightful sight for people who are interested to unravel the buried stories or legends that these castles embodied. They are so excited to explore, don’t you agree? If you … Read more