How to Get Hunter Eyes: Step-by-Step Techniques

Step by Step Guide to Achive Hunter Eyes

What do Robert Pattinson and Sean O’Pry have in common which makes them instantly attractive? It’s their hunter eyes. Do you want to achieve the same mysterious, brooding look but realised that your eye shape is just not cut out for that? If you thought only genetics can determine the shape of your eyes, we’ve … Read more

Mewing: Actual Science Or Another Social Trend? Unlocking The Real Reason!!

Ever heard of “mewing”? No, not that cute purry kitten sound, but the facial exercise technique that has become the talk of the town on the internet lately. The concept is relatively straightforward: Maintain a proper tongue posture, and improve breathing, jaw and even facial structure in one go!!  Basically, Dr John Mew, a British … Read more