Presenting the portrait photography in black and white colors has a unique and specific kind of art. These photographers express themselves in a more subtle manner, leaving the viewers  to create their own emotions reflected from a more subjective point. We represent you some of the most astonishing black and white photos portraying young women, which have undoubtedly upgraded their artistic level form a portrait to a masterpiece. Enjoy the b&w art!

Game Of The Light

Artistic-Black-And-White-Female-Portraits_01Photo credit to


Artistic-Black-And-White-Female-Portraits_02Photo credit to

Sophisticated Beauty

Artistic-Black-And-White-Female-Portraits_03Photo credit to Tatiana Gerusova


Artistic-Black-And-White-Female-Portraits_04Photo credit to


Artistic-Black-And-White-Female-Portraits_05Photo credit to


Artistic-Black-And-White-Female-Portraits_06Photo credit to

A Look From Behind

Artistic-Black-And-White-Female-Portraits_07Photo credit to

Subtile Presence

Artistic-Black-And-White-Female-Portraits_08Photo credit to

Desire In The Late Night

Artistic-Black-And-White-Female-Portraits_09Photo credit to

Rouge à Lèvres

Artistic-Black-And-White-Female-Portraits_10Photo credit to Ellen von Unwerth