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Top 10 Most Fascinating Photos For Travel Lovers

Hey there travel lovers! It is amazing how traveling has an enlightening effect on us, don’t you think? The moment of getting out of the routine of your life and visiting new places, meeting new people, getting to know new cultures – all that is an experience that many would trade for nothing else!

Whether you are a fan of historical places, beautiful nature scenery if you prefer to relax on some sandy beach and drink an exotic cocktail, these fascinating photos will take you right there!

So travel lovers, if you could go on a journey tomorrow, where would you choose to go?

Carpet Of Flowers, Brussels, Belgium


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Unfortunately last year, in mid-August 2020, this very special event was canceled. From the 13th of August to the 16th, the Grand Palace in Belgium hosts, every two years, a carpet filled with begonias. In 2018 as the picture illustrates, the theme of the flower carpet was Mexico. It takes an impressive 1 million begonias and 140 volunteers to create a magnificent centerpiece 77 meters long and 24 meters large. Normally, thousands of people from all over Europe come to get to glimpse at the flowery marvel. Let’s hope that this will continue in the near future.



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Iceland, famous for its glaciers, the Northern Lights, and frankly sub-freezing temperatures. However, what gets left out a lot of the time, is its nature without the above mentioned. Iceland is terrific for those wishing to experience the country with a pair of hiking boots getting to climb mountains and having a stroll by the water. And while doing so, it creates a sense of liberation almost feeling alone. The area isn’t that habited and thus making you enjoy nature at its purest without the interruption of others.

Zermatt, Switzerland


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Zermatt, in southern Switzerland’s Valais canton, is a mountain resort renowned for skiing, climbing, and hiking. The town is elevated at just over 1,600m and lies below the iconic, pyramid-shaped Matterhorn peak. Expect to see a lot of snow. The photograph illustrates the small town engorged between the mountain ranges and superbly so. One can even enjoy ice skating from the most fascinating of skating areas. Superb at night enjoying a breathtaking sunset with friends and family taking in extraordinary beauty.

Krivoklat Castle, Czech Republic


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Nestled within the center of the Bohemia region, the castle is one of the most beautiful landmarks in the country dating back to the 12th century. Krivoklat Castle is also situated deep in nature where the surroundings are totally stunningly a feast for the eyes. Many tourists come and visit the site that today has been turned into a museum and a place where people love gathering nearby.

Playa De Las Catedrales, Galicia, Spain


Photo by Pascal POGGI 

This is where natural stones untouched by man, have designed a magical space resembling the gothic arches from a cathedral. Mother Nature really outdid herself here, and the walls of natural wonder have been named by the locals The Beach of the Cathedrals, and we can clearly see why. The Galician coast is packed with the most unusual series of geological formations stretching almost a mile long. Truly magnificent experience structures that can reach up to 90 feet in height. Colossal indeed.

The Colosseum In Rome, Italy


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We love the reflection in the water of the Colosseum. In itself, day or night, this 70 AD Roman Amphitheater looks incredibly impressive and was then the Largest ever ancient Roman Amphitheatre built, and now is still the Largest, in the world, standing amphitheater today. Thousands of photographers from all over the world come to Rome to catch a glimpse of the magnificent human construction and try to get the best picture taken of it. This is one of the top ones we have come across. The light is taken with precision and again the reflection of the water almost signifies the before and after two centuries.

Rural Iceland


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Iceland is renowned for its magnificent glacier and its sheer gigantic scale and sizes. It’s also renowned for the super cold winter months reaching almost intolerable human sub-freezing temperatures. We also know plenty about the Northern Lights also known as the Aurora Borealis. However, maybe few will know that, despite the typical knowledge we have and understand we have of the country, that it has the most stunning rural areas on the planet. From the photograph we can clearly see the loneliness that may be in Iceland but how one could be truly at peace with oneself wrapped around superb nature.

Hunyad Castle, Transylvania, Romania


Photo by Juan Valdivieso Vicuña

Corvin Castle is also known as the Hunyadi Castle or even the Hunedoara Castle and is a Gothic-Renaissance castle in Hunedoara, Romania. It is one of the largest castles in Europe and figures in lists of the Seven Wonders of Romania. And no wonder why really. The highly photogenic and picturesque landmark features some of the most magnificent details perfect for many amateurs and professionals alike photographer experts. The ancient building is one of the most stunning in Romania visited by thousands each year. Here you can get a glips of what we mean.

The Rock-Hewn Temple from 8th C, Tibet


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Whether you are Buddhist, spiritual or not, is not relevant for this next wonder. It is a must-travel to destination if you are a true lover of anything close to beauty perfection. And thanks to this magnificent photograph, we can easily be transported thousands of years ago from the 8th century in the Common Era. It is believed that this landmark was created out of only one purpose stone and excavated by the Tibetans, India. It is known to be the largest ever carved, rock-cut cave in the world with an impressive 32 meters height. It is, of course, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites family now.

Bora Bora


Photo by slava_kushvalieva

Northwest West of Tahiti, in French Polynesia, lies the extraordinarily beautiful Bora Bora. The photograph itself self proclaims to be one of the most stunningly beautiful places on Earth. Think of the Maldives, with mountains surrounding you and not just flat land reaching a few meters in height above sea level only. You are truly dispersed and hidden in nature also surrounded by the magnificent turquoise blue waters. Dreamy shots were indeed taken during the sundown, making some of us wish we were there seated on a restaurant’s terrace waiting to devour the best produce of the island, in one of the most incredible places on the planet.

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  1. A correction: The rock hewn temple above is NOT in Tibet, and only part of it was done in the 8th Century. Here’s some clarification:

    Kailasa temple — The Ellora caves represent one of the largest rock-hewn monastic-temple complexes in the world. The Kailasa is one of 34 monasteries and temples, extending over more than 2 km and dug side by side in the wall of a high basalt cliff in the complex located at Ellora near Aurangabad (Maharashtra), India. The temple is built in a single rock, and is 164 feet deep, 109 feet wide, and 98 feet high. They were sculptured by Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists, and according to standard textbooks, the earliest ones were carved around 300 BC but most in the period of the 4th to the 9th centuries AD.

    You wouldn’t believe how many people have pinned this historic site as being in Tibet on Pinterest. Errors beget errors….. Perhaps host could correct the title???

  2. The pitcure posted under title “Rock hewn temple- Nepal” is absolutely wrong ! That picture is of ” Kailasa Temple from Ellora Caves- India”. It’s a world heritage site. Pl carrect your knowledge.


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