Easter is a really big day for every Christian in the world, and it’s an honor for us to make an article about it. We know that it’s very important for every real housewife to have a fantastic dinner table, full of delicious food and great desserts on this particular holiday that everyone loves, so we have decided to make a superb top 10 list with the best desserts especially for Easter.

You may say that it’s a bit early for thinking about Easter and the recipes that you will cook to surprise your loved ones, but, our opinion is that actually now it’s the right time to take a quick look at our list and pick the best desserts for this year’s Easter…the sooner, the better!

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

The Easter bunny cupcakes recipe is the best for a great start of our countdown here. These cupcakes are really interesting for making together with your kids too. Have fun and enjoy!


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Speckled Easter Egg Cake

We think that the speckled Easter egg cake is one of the greatest ideas that you can find, so, come on, take a quick look at the recipe and you’ll see for yourself that we are telling the true.


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Easter Cupcakes Baked in Real Egg Shells

An amusing recipe which looks like a real egg and because of that everyone will be amazed by your cooking skills, that’s for sure. The Easter cupcakes baked in real egg shells idea is an incredible one and you have try and make it sometimes.


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White Chocolate Cakes

Something a little more simple, a recipe that it’s very easy for making and besides that it will satisfy every taste. These white chocolate cakes are a sure thing, so, you can find the full recipe in the link below.


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Deep Dish Fruit Pizza

Pizza is a thing that every one of us loves, but, did you ever tried a fruit pizza? A really original recipe for a dessert for this year’s Easter, we can assure you of that.


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Hand-painted Cheesecake Easter Eggs

Some of us likes to experiment a bit more on Easter day, so, the hand-painted cheesecake Easter eggs is the real recipe for all the people with more creative hand. You can make these perfect eggs very easily, you just have to follow the instructions step by step.


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Easter Egg Puzzle Cookies

An incredible recipe for a dessert in many colors that will cheer you all up on this magical day. Try to make these Easter egg puzzle cookies and you will not regret, we are 100 % sure!


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Easter Egg Cake Pops

The Easter egg cake pops are something that it’s super-delicious and unordinary in the same time, so, we are sure that everyone on the dinner table will crave for more pops.


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Coconut Angel Food Cake

We always want to help you and show you something new, so, we are offering the coconut angel food cake recipe to you to try and make it on Easter because we think that it’s a really good idea that everybody will love.


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Coconut Lemon Macaroon Nests

And as we have arrived to the very end of our beautiful list of top 10 Most Creative Easter Dessert, we are giving you the whole recipe for the fantastic coconut lemon macaroon nests to try and make them in your own kitchen for one of the biggest holidays of all. We are hoping that you will love our article and that you will try at least some of these desserts.


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