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Top 10 “No Makeup” Makeup Looks for Fall

If you are not the type of person for “heavy makeup looks,” this article is perfect for you! We have the top 10 ideas for “no makeup” makeup looks that are totally IN this fall, and with just a little touch of makeup, you can do magic and still look all-natural and beautiful.

When it comes to makeup, the most important thing is to learn that you should use it to bring your most beautiful features to the surface and not to hide them.
Below you will find a simple explanation of how to re-create the looks from the photos.

Combine the tips and practice those which you think suit best for you. So, find your favorite look, get inspired, and begin to glow with the minimum help of makeup. Enjoy!

Smog Еye Shadow and Eyebrow Pencil



Doesn’t it look so natural? And yet, for this look, you will be needing:

  • light foundation (you can use bb or cc cream)
  • eyebrow pencil to enhance your natural eyebrow shape
  • one nude colored eye shadow (one or two colors darker than your skin color) that you can barely
  • see but brings a dimension to your eyelids, apply it to the upper and lower eyelid, and blend well
  • one coat of mascara and a little blush for the finish

Just a Little Mascara



This is a one-minute look that is truly effortless. You need to:

  • moisturizer instead of foundation ( or if you need coverage, use concealer)
  • brush and minimally draw your eyebrows
  • curl the lashes if needed and apply mascara only to the upper lashes for a more natural look

Touch of White Eye Shadow



For this look, the steps are straightforward:

  • moisture and conceal the face
  • take bright pearly-white eye shadow and apply just a little bit on your inner corner
  • then apply mascara to your upper lashes

Bronze the Face



The bronzer gives a healthy sun-kissed glow on the skin and gives you dimension. The other great thing about bronzer is that it looks totally natural if you do not over-use it. To re-create this look, you need:

  • Moisturizer, foundation, and concealer
  • Take a bronzer and put it on the areas that are most affected by the sun (forehead, cheeks, chin, and the sides of the nose)
  • Thin line with black eyeliner, a little touch of white eyeshadow on the inner eye corner, and a finishing mascara layer

Pink Blush



For this look, you will need only two things: a thin layer of foundation and blush. The blush gives an illusion of healthy glowing skin and gives you that beautiful pink color on the cheeks that is so hard to resist.

Nude Lipstick



  • Moisturized and concealed face
  • A little smudged grey eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye, a touch of white eyeshadow on the inner corner, and mascara
  • On the lips, you can use your favorite color of nude lipstick

Less is More



The key for this look is a little bit of everything:

  • Prime the lids
  • If you need, use brow pencil one shade lighter from your eyebrow color to shape them
  • Use white shadow all over the lid
  • Then apply just a little bit of coffee brown shadow on the lower lid and the outer corner- finish with mascara




You can achieve this beautiful look with these steps:

  • Moisturize the skin and leave it as natural as possible- on the eyelids, use white (on the inner corner) and well-blended pearly brown (on the outer corner and the crease)
  • Finish the eyes with mascara on the upper and the lower lashes
  • Contour the cheeks with a peachy blush, and the most important: highlight the brightest parts of your face (the nose, the center of the forehead, and the cupid’s bow)
  • Use a light pink lipstick

Little Contour



This look is all about contour:

  • Not necessary to use foundation, only moisture
  • Get the brush and contour, contour, contour! (the cheeks, the forehead, the eye crease, the nose, and every spot on your face that you think needs more shadow and dimension)

Dark Brown Shadow



For this amazing natural look, you will need only one thing: black eyeshadow that goes all the way on the upper lid and then blends towards the crease. That’s it; your look is completed, you get visually bigger eyes, yet nobody will notice that you used a little help to achieve the look.

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