Top 10 DIY Ideas for Bathroom Decoration

A little decoration is always welcome in every bathroom. Sometimes an odd touch is what takes a bathroom from simple to designer. With some DIY projects you can apply the latest trends in a chic, but budget-savvy way which will  help you to create a designer look. In today’s post we’ve gathered top 10 clever DIY ideas for perfect bathroom decor. The list below guarantee that combining practicability and visual harmony is possible and not so difficult after all.  Accept the challenge and start a new bathroom project!

DIY Bathtub Shelf


DIY Tutorial via

Hang Shelves Upside Down


DIY Tutorial via

DIY Mosaic Tile Bathroom Mirror


DIY Tutorial via

DIY Hair Tool Storage Cabinet


DIY Tutorial via

DIY Tub Surround With Airstone


DIY Tutorial via

Molding & Wooden Square Medallions to Plain Bathroom Mirror


DIY Tutorial via

DIY Vanity Nightlight


DIY Tutorial via

Towel Storage


DIY Tutorial via

Toilet Paper Holder


DIY Tutorial via

DIY Storage


DIY Tutorial via

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4 Responses

  1. Am I missing something? There are no tutorials on how any of these were done that I can see…some are obvious, but I’d like to know how the DIY vanity nightlight was done or what was used to achieve that look/effect…

    1. Under every photo there is a “DIY Project and Photo credit to” you can click on it and the link will take you to the project. Thanks

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