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Top 10 Ways To Wear Burgundy Color In Winter

The burgundy color is combined from the shades of red and blue, and it is getting the best from both worlds. Thus, it is a color that suits well everyone. At the same time, it is elegant, playful, and a must-have in your closet even on cold cloudy days.

A stand-out color especially in the winter months. A rich color that gives warmth and can be worn with anything. Wear it on different occasions and in different ways and combinations. You can mix the burgundy colors with dark neutral colors like white, blue, purple.

1. Burgundy Coat


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For an outfit that is very easy and can be worn in plenty of different ways, consider wearing a burgundy coat. The coats can have different lengths depending on your preferences and the style you wear. Burgundy colors can be easily paired with almost all colors and yet give you elegance. Coat over a mini skirt and a top in the same shade is a no mistake combination. For an everyday look, pair your burgundy coat with baggy cut jeans, skinny jeans, recommended in light denim to achieve a contrast effect.

2. Over-sized Sweater and Leather Pants


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Mixing different textures of the materials in your outfit can be risky, but choosing the right color and shades can look very chic and cool. With the leather pants, you tend to get a classy and bold look, while the knitted sweater will give you a comfy and more casual approach. Pairing both and adding a burgundy bag, shoes, with a piece of simple jewelry will defiantly make you look fashionable.

3.  Burgundy Two-Piece Suit


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This outfit screams elegance. In general suits for both women and men are projecting elegance, authority, a mastery of a profession, with a sexy attractive look. For the winter days, you can choose materials like velvet to keep you warmer. The blazers are currently in fashion being oversized, but a classic tailored jacket never goes out of fashion. The pantsuits also can be with a loose-cut, a timeless classic cut, and a slim silhouette.

4. Burgundy Midi Skirt


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A midi skirt is a length that falls between a short mini skirt and a long maxi skirt. They are falling midway down your calf between the knee and the ankle depends on the model of the skirt. These fashionable pieces can be one colored, with animal patterns, or plaid; made from cotton, silk, warm wool, and even velvet. Very stylish and for the winter months they are wardrobe staples. If you wish more professional look, go for a classic shirt, and for a more casual choice, a sweater.

5. Burgundy Leather Pencil Skirt


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One of the most ladylike ways to wear a pencil skirt is to pair it with a feminine blouse. Opt for an elegant blouse for your evening occasions and choose either ruffled either sheer top for daytime combination. These skirts can be worn in fall, winter, and even spring. Depending on the weather you can combine them with heels, boots, and sandals. For a sporty version add a simple white top and comfy flats. Tons of combinations that you can play around with.

6. Burgundy Jumpsuit


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Jumpsuits are blooming in the fashion world. They are that must-have piece that every tall woman posses in her wardrobe. Sleeveless, with an open neck, in every color and shape. Normally, the dark-colored or with ticker material are for winter use and those with flower patterns for summer. Also, they can be long and short. Mega practical, like dresses; with a few pieces of jewelry, you have an outfit.

7. Burgundy Trousers


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Having essential pants at the ready will always make the dressing with less hustle especially when paired with a perfect matching top and a blazer. The everyday jeans are a perfect outfit for a casual look, however, the truck pans made their comeback. Either way, both can be combined either with a classic shirt, sports sweaters, blouse, denim jackets, long coats, and blazers. Even the shoes can be sneakers or heels, boots or sandals, one of the easiest wardrobe pieces you can pull out with anything you fancy.

8. Burgundy Shoes and Bag


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Matching your shoes and handbags is not a must, but it definitely looks more elegant and classy. Putting the same color together can work the easiest. You can extend this to patterns too, but it will surely be the harder way. Some match the accessories as well, it all depends on the occasion, type of bag and shoes. If you like to wear a casual or more soft look, your purse should be more sporty. Formal events are defiantly the perfect occasion for putting together matching shoes and clutch.

9. Burgundy Tights and Hat


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Tights and hats are in. They came back in fashion a few years back and now worn in different designs, styles, and patterns. Adding polka dot stockings and patterns to your existing wardrobe is a killer new look. Another is adding floral prints and lace tights that look great with skirts and dresses. Although the hats might be the only accessories that men know more about than women, a great choice of fashionable hats for women is so chic. From beret, cloche, breton, bucket, and many many other styles, hats are extremely fashionable.

10. Burgundy Dress and Boots


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Over-the-knee boots and a mini elegant dress is the perfect look for your next outing. You can match the patterns too. Choosing from floral, plaid, or one color. This kind of boots will also give you a taller look and the mini dress will add sexiness to your outfit. And for the colder days, add a long coat to keep you warmer. Burgundy boot is a statement. This color portraits elegance, ownership, sex-appeal. Thus, no matter what you choose, no wonder you will look stunning!

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