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Top 10 Best Chocolate Recipes

There’s been a big talk all over the world about this precious little heaven called chocolate. Is it the best pleasure a woman can have? Or is that other thing? The truth is that it is a comfort. Even for men nowadays. It is just appealing, irresistible, inviting. And, pretty much no one says no.

It comes in all shapes, it can be combined in any kind of meal, you can have it with fruits or all by itself. It’s a matter of choice. And the only rule every woman brake when dieting is this chocolate sin that is just too good to give up on.  Look at our suggestion on top 10 chocolate recipes that will just melt your entire body down.

Chocolate Banana Bread


Have you ever considered having this bread? Of course, not with your meat dish or salad, but as a sweet dinner, this “cake” is a good and perfect choice. It is also with bananas, nuts and chocolate chips. Delicious!

Oreo Cookie Pancakes


You all had a period in your life when you were truly addicted to oreo cookies, right? Or, you are still there? Even better. Make a different kind of breakfast, and make your pancakes in your favorite flavor and taste – oreo. It is very fast, easy and it does make a great start of the day. Good morning!

Double Chocolate Chipotle Chili Cake


Spice lovers? Are you all around? Yes, true, possible and marvelous! Dessert made of your favorite spice, chipotle. If you thought these two would never be able to get along, you were very wrong. Make this happen and hey, this is your day. Your dream just came true.

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies


Your little ones are about to have their birthday party and you have no idea how to please all of those kids that are very demanding? No panic! Chocolate is always a good choice for kids, they all love it. So, make it fun for them. Thumbprint cookies with sprinkles all over them is just what kids are gonna adore. Happy birthday!

Chocolate Sponge Cake With Blackberry And Whipped Cream Filling


Your favorite berry, filling cream and all that together in a roulade form? Simply amazing! It is definitely melting as soon as you try it, and the sweet/sour berry flavor gives a touch and brings a magic into this dessert!

Chocolate Cake Deluxe


You have few friends coming over and by coincidence they are all chocolate lovers? We have a way for you to make it perfect! This is a many floors chocolate cake, that is small but big. It is perfect for 5-6 people and each piece will satisfy all of their senses! You can’t go wrong with this deluxe cake!

Chocolate Cupcakes With Flaming Strawberries


Throwing a party and you want to make it look fancy? This delicious cupcakes with a flaming strawberry on top will blow everyone’s mind. It’s nothing they’ve seen before and everybody will talk about it! The look or the taste, it doesn’t matter, both are just great.

Individual Black Forest Trifles


Are you about to have a romantic dinner and date with your love? And it somehow happened this time that you are the cook? It is okay. We are sure you got all the way to the dessert and  you are wondering what now? This now! Cherries are always romantic when combined with chocolate, while the cream is always there to end up on someone’s nose. Have a lovely night!

Triple Chocolate Nutella Fudge


Dieters, here is one for you! Healthy, gluten free, no sugar added. And still, it is the best one you can have. Nutella. Get your smiles back and have this amazing dessert without thinking how fat you gonna get after it!

Easy Eclairs


It is very small and fast. Filling and melting. After the first one, all you gonna do is ask for another one. And another one. And then you can stop. For few minutes. Addictive eclairs is for true chocolate lovers.

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