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Top 10 Best DIY Rings

Everyone has their favorite jewelry piece, be it a necklace, a ring, or a pair of earrings. Love them or hate them, most people would probably end up wearing at least one ring for the rest of their life. The wedding ring, the circular band symbolizing the neverending bond between two people has been around for centuries. We’re not going to dwell too much on the wedding ring today, but we are going to give you a few suggestions on how to make some phenomenal rings yourself that will look amazing without breaking your budget.

Different people find different appeal in wearing a ring, as well as the style of the ring. Some like them to be small and dainty, while others love a statement ring that you can see from across the room, and they don’t always have to be made from gold or silver, adorned with precious gems.

There are many ways to make rings and from different materials, with the copper wire being the most popular among them. by twisting the wire you can twist a simple circle as the base of the ring and embellish with different things or twist it into a truly unique ring. You can also use different materials, playing around with the texture and width of the ring.

Another great thing about homemade rings, aside from being easy to make and customize, is that they make for lovely personalized and meaningful gifts for both your friends and loved ones. So, let’s have a look at the top 10 ways to design your own lovely DIY rings.

Vintage Ring


We’re starting our list with a vintage piece. You probably have an old jewelry box filled with old-fashioned cheap jewelry from grandma, and now is the perfect time to bring some of those old rings back to life. After all, they knew how to make rings back in the day, even the cheap ones. If you have one such ring, this tutorial will help you get started on how to turn your vintage trash into vintage treasure.

Button Rings


While searching for that old ring, you might come across some old buttons. Decorative buttons were one of the cheapest and fastest way to update your wardrobe. But those chinky ornate buttons can also be easily turned into your new statement ring. It is as simple as changing a button.

Irresistible DIY Idea {Knuckle Rings}


The style of the ring changes every so often, like this version, where you wear the ring not at the base of the finger, but rather on the knuckle of the finger. Here is where that copper wire we mentioned comes in handy. With a small piece of bendy wire, you can twist it to any size and shape, and even make some cute little swirls. The technique is simple and can be made to fit your finger perfectly, in whatever position you want it.

Neon Felt Ring


We mentioned that we can embellish a plain ring band. Here is a fun way to do so which honestly isn’t appreciated enough. A neon felt pom-pom is not only a loud statement ring but is also a lot of fun and a great tension reducer right on your finger. You can fiddle with it when you feel anxious or tickle others when you feel playful.

Glowing Rasin Ring


There is something magical about having a glowing ring. They are hard to find, for sure, and don’t always suit your taste. Yet, if you’re up for a nice, subtle ring that shimmers in the dark, then you need to check out this shimmery little tutorial. With glow-in-the-dark paint and some rain, you can make whatever shape you want with the molds you own and have fun with this kind of shiny statement ring.

Faceted Clay Rings


Speaking of statement rings, sometimes size isn’t all that matters. At least when it comes to rings. You would probably have a hard time guessing that these aren’t real meat lings, rather clay ones. These chunky rough-edged, uneven rings are pretty unique and will certainly show off the strength and confidence of the wearer.

Glass Seed Beads Ring


Crafters and seamstresses are certainly familiar with the tiny, delicate, and highly decorative glass seed bead. While mostly used to embellish some fancy clothing, they can also be used to make some stunning jewelry, and yes, even whole rings, which you can also do after checking out this tutorial.

Birds Nest Ring


Rings usually house diamonds or other precious gems, and unless you’re a jeweler, i might be difficult to replicate that for your homemade ring, But there is a way to add place some pearls nestled neatly in the middle of some twisted wire, ending up with these lovely, delicate rings with a bird’s nest.

Leather Ring


Rings are not usually the jewelry of choice for men, with the exception of a wedding ring or a ring awarded for some accomplishments. And you definitely don’t see many young men wearing rings, but they probably won’t have any problem wearing these rings if you made give them one as a gift. Leather has long been associated with toughness and ruggedness, so most men won’t be too averse to wearing a leather ring. And it looks pretty cool.

Green Lantern Glowing Ring


We finish our list with a bit of a challenging project but one that is definitely worth all the effort. You might need a few more supplies than those you probably already have at home, but who can easily be found if not in your local store, then on-line. After all, everything can be found online today, except for a fully functioning, glowing Green Lantern ring. Doesn’t it look out of this world? It is a dream come true for all Green Lantern fans.

That’s all we have for you for now. Did you like the ideas we’ve given you? Which one is your favorite and which ring would you like to make? Leave us your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below.

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