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Top 10 DIY Roses Inspired Projects

Roses are wonderful; there’s no doubt in that. No matter what color they are, a bouquet of roses can make any lady’s day. They smell and look nice, and that gives them the power to brighten up our home and be the very simple but perfect accessory it needs.

If you really like roses and want them more than just being in a vase, see these ten DIY projects + a cake. They all include roses, their shape, or their petals. There something for everybody’s taste – check it out!

1. Floral Wall



Paintings can be an expensive decision when it comes to decorating our walls. That’s why doing your very own floral wall can be the thing you will really like. It’s really simple, budget-friendly, and it’s really nice to have flowers hanging on your wall. For this project, you need flowers (it can be any you like, but see how good roses look!) and washi tape to secure them on your wall. This is really creative since it leaves you with plenty of choices.

2. Rose Vase



Instead of having them in the vase, why not make them on the vase? You can use it inside your house or decorate your garden with it. It goes great in any of these options. You need a tin can, toilet paper, glue gun, scissors, and spray paint, which is optional. In case you are wondering – yes, the roses are really made from toilet paper! Our wallets are being thankful for this.

3. Rose Cake



Desserts are really fun to make. They leave us with lots of experimenting – the food coloring, the garnish, the glaze… There is always something that makes us think and choose between this and that. Since this whole article is all rose inspired, here’s a cake for it. No matter if it’s Mother’s day, a birthday, or whatever the celebration is, this cake looks great for each occasion, and besides that, it tastes amazing!

4. Fabric Cabbage Roses



Fabric roses around the house – why not? It’s a simple, small decoration that can suit any room, including the bathroom as well! For this super adorable project, you need scraps of fabric that will melt when they are held near the fire, such as satin, chiffon, organza, or acetate lining (test them all so that you’ll know which edge suits your wishes the most), a needle and a threat, a candle. The website is offering a downloadable pattern for the petals. The rest is just following the instructions. If roses are not enough, you can even make the peonies as well.

5. Body Scrub



Besides being an adorable home decoration or a gift, the roses have their beauty benefits as well. You can combine them in many different products, and you yourself for sure have seen that roses are used as an ingredient in many products in the stores. The good thing is that you can make your own rose beauty products, and here we have the body scrub. Make sure you have rose petals, rose essential oil, coconut essential oil, fine sea salt, and Himalayan ones as well. Store the scrub in a clean glass jar.

6. Rose Lampshade



A rose lampshade? Yes, please! This one will most likely cost a hell of money in a store, while the homemade version will certainly be cheaper and look as good as the one from the store. For this beautiful lamp, you need tissue paper in color by your choice, scissors, ruler, pencil, hot glue gun, and lamp, but make sure it is suitable for the project’s needs. The results will fascinate you – the rose lampshade is the perfect decoration for your house!

7. Persimmon Paper Roses



The Persimmon Paper Roses look very elegant, and the one advantage they have over the real roses is that these will last longer. To make them, you need colored cardstock, pieces of cloth stem wire, a bag of marble accents, a Silhouette Portrait and Silhouette Portrait cutting mat (or something equivalent to this), wire cutters, a glue gun, and a coordinating vase. You can also buy a ribbon for the vase and use a spray bottle with water, but these two are optional.

8. Rose Lip Balm



Make your lips soft by making your own rose lip balm. You need coconut oil, cocoa butter, rose essential oil, and clay coloring. The lip balm will be done in just a few steps, and you’ll want to make one for each of your close friends and relatives. Pour the balm in lip balm tins, let it completely cool off and if you want to, you can print labels and stick them on the tins.

9. Red Rose Crown



Flower crowns really become a trend in the last few years. They are such a cute hair accessory, and if you find it expensive to buy one, or you simply can’t find what you’re looking for, how about making your own rose crown? You need green floral wire, floral tape, fake roses, and wire cutters or scissors. Making the crown will take you some time, but the process of making it will be simple – there’s nothing hard here.

10. Rose Water Hydrosol



It’s time for some rose beauty benefits. You should use rose water and rose oil often because they can do little wonders on our skin. For example, you can do yourself a rose water hydrosol. You need rose petals from about six very fragrant roses, a large cooking pot and a lid, heat-safe glass or ceramic bowls, ice, ziploc bags for ice, distilled water, and a small spray bottle. It’s going to smell nice, and it’s a perfect winter refresher!

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