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Top 10 Simple and Fun Tin Can Crafts

Tin cans can be used to make everything from vanity organizers to flower vases. These versatile little containers are super easy to work with and also affordable. Instead of disposing of coffee tins and other metal cans, reinvent them into something beautiful. It’s remarkable what you can make with trash!

Even if you don’t have too much experience with crafts, these ideas are not challenging and suitable for beginners. Check out our list of ideas to upcycle tin cans into home decor. Number ten is a great idea for Halloween!

1. Cutlery Holder



Create this pretty cutlery holder from upcycled materials. You will only need six tin cans, a piece of wood to fix the cans onto, and a piece of leather or jute rope. This project will be useful as a pencil holder, tool holder, or if you love to make up, use it for separating brushes, eyeliner, and other things.

2. Wood Chip Vase



If you prefer a natural look, you can easily create this vase. You will need a glass that fits into the tin can; that will be your actual vase. Clean the tin can thoroughly and glue wood chips onto it with a hot glue gun. It will be a unique and fun piece in your home.

3. Nautical Rope Vase



These vases look really pretty clustered together. You can make them in no time at a minimal cost. Use different sizes (coffee cans, other tin cans), remove labels and adjust the rope around them with a hot glue gun. Place glass jars inside them to hold water for floral arrangements.

4. Kitchen Utensil Bin



This is a great idea to gain some more space on your kitchen worktop. After decorating the tin cans with spray paint, washi tape, stickers, or tags, drill a hole on them and hang them from an S-hook onto a towel bar. You can fill them with utensils, herbs, or kitchen tools.

5. Flower Pot



If metal cans don’t really fit into your home decor, here is another idea of how to cover tin cans up. Wrapped in faux moss with a pretty jute bow tied around it, you can create a natural effect. These are perfect flower pots for succulents as they don’t require too much water. Simple and quick mother nature-inspired arrangement.

6. Hanging Tea Lights



Start collecting now the empty tuna cans to create these beautiful and unique hanging tea lights. You will need some tins, washi tape or contact paper, jute rope, glue, and a wooden clothes hanger to hang your ready tea lights from.

7. Vanity Organizer



Create these stylish vanity organizers for your bathroom or dresser, and you will always have a tidy makeup corner. Nobody would think that they were simple tin cans before. Cover them in contact paper, paint them or wrap them in twine to create beautiful containers that suit your space.

8. Can Lanterns



Here is an attractive way to recycle tin cans into simple lanterns. Use small cans and larger ones and paint them nice pastel colors with spray paint. These will be perfect for your balcony or living room as well. Use wire coat hangers to create handles.

9. Bird Feeder



Winter months are coming, so it is time to build bird feeders to help our feathered friends. This is a simple and fun project that you can do with your kids as well. You will need a larger tomato can with the lid, sisal rope, and a piece of metal for the post.

10. Halloween Luminaries



There are only a couple of days left before Halloween. Here is an easy and affordable way to decorate your home and garden. You can place these luminaries along your walkway or front steps to light the way in the next few days.

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