Top 10 Free Crochet and Knit Patterns for Knee Socks

Knee-high socks are for everyone, everywhere, anytime! But they are extra convenient for winter’s cold weather as they will surely warm you up while still making you look cool. This is why fellow crocheters and knittersĀ decided to find 10 super awesome, totally free patterns for winter-ready knee highs, which can also make a great last-minute … Read more

Top 10 Free Patterns For Crochet Crowns and Tiaras Fit for a Prince or Princess

TOP 10 Free Patterns For Crochet Crowns and Tiaras Fit for a Prince or Princess | Top Inspired

Is there a little girl or boy that doesn’t want to be a princess or a prince? Or a mother that doesn’t want her newborn to look like one? Whether you need a little crown or tiara for your toddler to play with, for Halloween or a birthday party, or you need a tiny little … Read more

Top 10 Fabulous Free Patterns For Crocheted Skirts

TOP 10 Fabulous Free Patterns For Crocheted Skirts | Top Inspired

We love how versatile crocheting is! You can crochet almost anything, but apparel is our favorite. All those fashionable crocheted pieces throughout the internet are so inspiring, and we are so happy that there are free patterns to download. This is why we are often sharing the best free crochet patterns with you. Today we … Read more

Top 10 Free Crochet Baskets and Bowls Patterns

TOP 10 Free Crocheted Baskets & Bowls Patterns | Top Inspired

Whether you are a craft lover and have craft supplies all over your home, have kids, and can’t seem to find enough space to store all the toys, or you simply need more organizing space, we have a great idea, especially if you are into crocheting. We suggest that you crochet baskets and bowls to … Read more

TOP 10 Free Flower Patterns to Knit This Spring

TOP 10 Free Flower Patterns to Knit This Spring | Top Inspired

Knitting lovers, we have something special for you! 10 totally free patterns for beautiful, spring perfect knitted flowers are waiting for you below. We know how frustrated you are with all those free crocheting patterns out there, while knitting ones are rare and tough to find. Well, we are here to help. These flowers are … Read more

Top 10 Sewing Patterns for Stylish Pants

Pants are probably the most comfortable piece of clothing. They can be worn on any occasion, whether it’s a regular workday, a coffee date or a get-together with friends, a girls’ night out, or a dinner date with your partner. That’s why you always need some new pair of super cool pants! However, you don’t … Read more

Top 10 Free Patterns for Sewing Black Dresses

Black color is always fashionable, especially during the cold winter months. But, when it comes to this color there is one piece of cloth that never goes out of style and it’s a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe…yes, we’re talking about a little black dress! Everyone has it, but we’re always in a need of … Read more