Top 10 Free Crochet Baskets and Bowls Patterns

TOP 10 Free Crocheted Baskets & Bowls Patterns | Top Inspired

Whether you are a craft lover and have craft supplies all over your home, have kids, and can’t seem to find enough space to store all the toys, or you simply need more organizing space, we have a great idea, especially if you are into crocheting. We suggest that you crochet baskets and bowls to … Read more

Top 10 Smart Ways to Store and Organize Your Makeup

Top 10 Smart Ways to Store and Organize Your Makeup | Top Inspired

Makeup obsession isn’t something new and almost every lady in the world is head over heels when it comes to beauty and cosmetic tools. With the spring season approaching you’ll probably have a desire for buying new neon lipsticks, eye shadows in pastel colors and some nail polishes that’re just right for the sunny weather. … Read more

Top 10 Best DIY Desk Organizers

Top 10 Best DIY Desk Organizers | Top Inspired

For a perfectly organized office, the first place that you must organize is your desk…everything else is not that much important! There are so many things that need a better arrangement and coordination, from pen and pencils to some simple files and important documents. That’s why you need a desk organizer which will really help … Read more

Top 10 Easy DIY Umbrella Stands

People tend to hate rainy days, and for different reasons too. The cloud-darkened sky and the pitter-patter of rain hitting the ground creates a sort of melancholy that affects most people, making them feel down while raining. Others just hate the inconvenience of having to walk around with an umbrella as well as getting wet, … Read more

Top 10 DIY Re-purposed Shoebox Projects

Top 10 DIY Re-purposed Shoebox Projects | Top Inspired

If there is one thing that all women love, it’s shoes. We simply must have a pair of shoes for any and every occasion, which means always buying new shoes, packed in neat boxes. That leaves us with a lot of unused shoeboxes that only take up our precious closet space. And once we run … Read more

Top 10 Best DIY Ideas to Recycle Your Old Door

If you’re a fan of DIY projects, then you know that there is no better feeling than when you transform old stuff into completely new ones. This practical piece of work has so many benefits, because not only that by recycling and reusing old things you can save some money, but you’re also creating vintage, … Read more

Top 10 DIY Fun And Useful PVC Pipe Crafts

PVC pipes are usually considered basic plumbing material. Sturdy and water-resistant, we all have them around our home and are very affordable when they need replacing. However, crafter enthusiasts and more creative people have found countless other uses for these white pipes than just making sure the water inside their home runs smoothly. After all, … Read more

Top 10 DIY Crafts With Plastic Bottles

Top 10 DIY Crafts With Plastic Bottles | Top Inspired

Plastic is one of the recycling materials that we use and throw every day. Plastic bottles are the most common source of plastic in our households. But, instead of just throwing the plastic bottles away in the designated sorting trashcans for recycling, we can use our creativity and recycle them ourselves. There are countless ways … Read more