Top 10 Trendy Runway Eyeliner Looks to Try Out

Top 10 Trendy Runway Eyeliner Looks to Try Out | Top Inspired

If you are bored with your usual cat eyeliner, you need to try out these fun and playful new trends created on the runway and are a great hit for 2015. This year is all about experimenting with makeup, which gives you a lot of space to express yourself. Don’t be afraid to use some … Read more

Top 10 Natural Makeup Look Ideas

Top 10 Natural Makeup Look Ideas | Top Inspired

All females want to reach that natural makeup look. If you research, you will see more and more girls asking from their makeup artists to make them look more natural. Let’s be honest; the summer is not the greatest period for wearing so much makeup. Using so many makeup products on your face won’t deal … Read more

Top 10 Metallic Eye Makeup Ideas

Are you looking for something refreshing in your makeup routine habit? We have an interesting idea for you, that contains all kinds of metallic colors that suit almost all types of skin, eye colors and can fit for every occasion. From party makeup, romantic dinner looks, casual daily makeup, whether you want to look gently … Read more

Top 10 Eye Makeup Tricks

Top 10 Eye Make-up Tricks | Top Inspired

We all know that makeup is the best friend for most women around the world, and some of us can’t picture ourselves not wearing it. Makeup is another tool to appear more attractive. But the first thing people usually notice about your appearance, are the eyes. Eye makeup can really change the way you look, … Read more