Top 10 Easy Seafood Dishes Ready in 30 Minutes or Less

For those who love seafood: here are ten super tasty recipes that you can use as your new cooking inspiration for lunch or dinner. They all take 30 minutes to be ready or even less, which makes them the perfect meal when you’re not able or interested into spending time in the kitchen. Ahead you … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Chefs in the World

TOP 10 Most Popular Celebrity Chefs in the World | Top Inspired

In the modern days, since television is widespread, the new term ‘celebrity chef‘ appeared. Professional kitchen chefs often get famous worldwide via TV shows, cookbooks and cooking blogs, or other mediums besides achieving awards, like Michelin Stars. Even back in the days, some chefs became widely popular. Bartolomeo Scappi cooked for cardinals and was Pope … Read more