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Top 10 Things You Can Turn Into Mini Planters

You don’t have a garden, and you are not much of a gardener either? No problem, as long as you have a passion for plants and some random things to turn into planters. Place them on a windowsill, hang them in the bathroom or stick them on your fridge – these lovely little DIY flower pots we are sharing today will bring an extra charm to your home.

Most of these ideas work best with succulents. They are not only easy to grow but also require minimal conditions and minimal care. Succulents are perfectly suitable for these tiny planters as they can grow in a limited space with very little soil.

1. Snailshell as Planter



These shell-potted succulents look cute outdoors and indoors as well. You’ll need some larger snail shells, potting soil, and small growing succulents. Because of the small size, they will need more watering and attention. Click here for detailed info.

2. Bottle Cap Gardening



Initially, a Japanese company called Merry Project came up with the idea of bottle cap gardening. They produce and sell tablets of compressed, dry soil that already have the seeds for planting inside. The size of the small tablets is made to fit inside a standard plastic bottle cap. Similar to this idea, you can make your own bottle cap planters. The kids will surely love it as well!

3. Lightbulb Terrarium



To create your very own little terrarium, you’ll need some DIY skills and even more patience. You will have to remove the inside parts of the light bulb, then comes the ‘gardening’ part. Use Tillandsia, also known as air plant, for this miniature garden. They take all the nutrients they need from the air, and they only need a small amount of water. Click on the link above for the whole project.

4. Seashell Planters



Did you find some bigger shells on your summer beach holidays? Well, then here is a beautiful idea of how to make them even more pretty. You can also hang them and create a charming decoration in your bathroom or balcony! Your best bet is to use air plants for the hanging version, as we mentioned at #3.

5. French Press Terrarium



This adorable french press terrarium is a creative and fun decoration for your coffee table. You’ll need some nice pebbles for drainage and charcoal to clean and purify the plants’ water and soil to grow in. Click here for a step-by-step tutorial.

6. Planters from Wine Cork



With this very simple method, you can put a little green even on your fridge door! You’ll just have to hollow out the center of the cork with a screwdriver, glue magnet on one side of the cork, put some soil in them and plant your succulent. It should be fairly straightforward, but here is a detailed tutorial.

7. Jellyfish Air Plant



You can create these little jellyfish with only a few supplies: transparent string, sea urchins, air plants, crimp beads, and some tools. Follow the detailed instructions here. You’ll have to submerge the plant in water for 2-3 hours every two weeks!

8. Glasses as Planters



If you are fancy terrariums but looking for something easy to prepare and easy to maintain, this is a great idea for you! Don’t bin the chipped glasses. Instead, fill them with sand, fine gravel, and small-sized succulents, add some tiny shells, and you have a summery decoration for your office desk or living room.

9. Plant into Egg Shells



To prepare these cute eggshell planters, you just have to remove the tops from the empty shells, pinhole the bottoms for drainage, and fill it with a spoon of compost. Plant any small-rooted plants such as miniature violets or forget-me-nots or stick with your favorite succulents.

10. Teacup Flower Pot



If you drill the bottom of the cup for drainage, you can plant any herbs in teacups; they will look charming in your kitchen. If you don’t want to drill, just use gravel beneath the soil and not over-water your plants. In this case, we recommend you use little Alpine plants or succulents.

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