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Top 10 Best Celebrity Outfits at The NBA Games

We would say the most famous basketball events ever in the world are the NBA league games, but the most famous one is for sure the All Star game. The world wide knows event every year leaves many people outside the states out of sleep just to watch the super game. At the very first front row the seats are always occupied by celebrities, models, actors, actresses, producers, singers, socialites, politicians and etc. The fronts seats are always reserved for the famous folks who want to support and cheer their favorite NBA team. While they are in the house and sitting in the front row they always want to bring a little bit fashion and style into the basketball court. Many of their outfits turned into a inspirational styles for the next seasons.

1. Kendall Jenner



Kendall Jenner, the super model daughter of Kris Jenner and a half-sister of the famous Kardashians has her DNA instinct how to attract attention. The Victoria’s Secret angel attended the Los Angeles Clippers Game and cheered the team from the front row.  For this game she choose over the knee summer high heel boots which fit perfect to her toned legs. She made a combination with short shorts, white top and a nice black coat. This epic combination according to us is the best outfit ever at the all star games.

2. Selena Gomez



The famous singer and actress Selena Gomez is the fashion icon and idol to many young teenagers and there is a good reason why they choose her as an idol. Selena always knows how to match and wear the best outfits and how to inspire the young ladies to follow her style. While supporting the Spurs from the front row she made a combination of the Spurs jersey which she matched perfectly with the leather leggings. All in black she was the best dressed at the LA Lakers – San Antonio Spurs  game. Selena knows how to show up love for the San Antonio Spurs and to cheer them well.

3. Rihanna



Where ever Rihanna shows up the attention of the media and the people is reserved only for her. Riri knows how to make the perfect fashion combination so everybody will look right into her. For supporting her favorite team  she chose ripped jeans and heels, all this in the combination with a nice white top and somehow she “forgot” to wear underwear. Definitely with this outfit she had the attention of everyone around.

4. Beyonce



When it is time for an All Star game Jay Z and his wife Beyonce are an A-listers at the front row.  The most powerful celebrity couple, the fashion inspiration for many fans around the world Beyonce and Jay Z are big fans of the All Star games. For this opportunity Beyonce always tries to be the best dressed around and almost every time she manages that. For the last All Star game Beyonce chose the famous ‘all in black’ street style. She matched the black high heel pumps with black jeans, black top and nice stylish elegant black hat. Beside her Jay Z has a perfect outfit as well. They are a great example how to mix sports and fashion in an elegant and glam way.

5. Jourdan Dunn



When it’s time for NBA global games the super models are always in the house. The super models friends Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn were at the front seats at the game. For this sport event the Victoria’s Secret model Jourdan Dunn chose a perfect outfit which was an inspiration for many street styles later on. She combined the KENZO grey sweatshirt with black leather tights and an ear accessorize. Jourdan was definitely best dressed around according to the media and according to us as well.

6.  Miranda Kerr



Miranda brought the street style into the basketball house at this game. Miranda always brings her well defined fashion style with her. For the sport events she always chooses sport street style witch fits perfect in the basketball arenas. This time Miranda made a combination of ripped light jeans, flat black ankle boots which matched the black leather biker jacket and the black Givenchy bag, all of this in the combination with a white t-shirt. She finished the outfit by choosing red lipstick and red nail polish.

7. Mila Kunis



Mila Kunis and her husband Ashton Kutcher are big supporters of the Los Angeles Lakers. As a big fans they are always seated at the front row seats. For the La Lakers game Mila chose to wear a casual outfit matching her husbands outfit. They both choose jeans but Mila matched her jeans with a nice t-shirt and a ankle boots heels while Ashton chose grey sweater and a shirt.

8. Chrissy Teigen



The famous singer John Legend and his model wife Chrissy Teigen attended a NBA game. For this opportunity both matched their outfits. All in black they both combined sport style and elegance. Chrissy was in a street style outfit by choosing black leather biker jacket, black shorts, black over the knees boots and black top all combined with black scarf. She made an nice elegant hair ponytail with an romantic braid at the top. Well made Chrissy.

9. Eva Longoria



Eva is a big fan of the San Antonio Spurs, and she shows her love to them almost every game. Eva is at the front row as much as she can manage to be there. Whenever she is in the house she is the best dressed around. According to us this is her best outfit from her cheering ‘career’. She made a perfect combination of the white top under the black-white Spurs jersey and she made a perfect match with black jeans and black jacket. Sporty elegant and stylish this is a nice inspiration for the next sport event.

10. Victoria Beckham



The most powerful couple in the fashion industry David and Victoria Beckham are big fans of Loa Angeles Lakers. The super stylish family including their children are common guests at the Lakers games. Seated at the front row they are always with matching styles which is a perfect fashion example for everybody. For this game Victoria chose a simple outfit of jeans, high heels and a black sweatshirt. She finished her style with a nice elegant ponytail. So simple but so beautiful choice for outfit. As usual she was the best dressed around.

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