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Top 10 DIY Ideas How to Reuse Old Bike Wheels

If you have some old bicycle wheels in your yard somewhere, it’s time to get them out because we have unique ideas for you! You won’t believe what you can do with only a bike wheel that is sitting useless somewhere.

Don’t let that happen, and get your hands full with work after reading our unique recycling ideas. Some of them require attention and dedication, and the others are straightforward, but we assure you that every one of them gives great results!

They are useful, vintage-looking, and excellent for filling the place because they can match almost every type of style. If you are not thinking of giving a new life chance to your old bike, get the wheels out and work the magic. Don’t forget to tell us which one you like the most!

Pea Trellis


Give your plants a direction of growth by placing two wheels, one in the bottom and one on the top, and secure it by installing an iron bar into the wheels’ middle.

Do a Coffee Table



If you are one of those who have special skills with the hammer and the nails, this wouldn’t be hard to make for you. You need several wheels, one round glass for the coffee table, and a lot of patience.




You will find an amazing tutorial on how to make this great bicycle wheel clock in the link above. You can add your own touch to it; it will indeed look amazing.




If you like the unusual home decoration, you probably would love this chandelier! You can attach any zircons, crystals, and other accessories to the wheel, making it look glamorous but in your own unique way. Then attach it to a light bulb, and let there be light through your gorgeous new wheel chandelier.

Jewelry Holder



Great idea to store your jewelry in one place, hang all your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other jewels that you have. In the middle of the wheel, attach a stable stand to hold the wheel in place.

Use it as a Mirror Frame



The bike wheel looks great accompanied by a mirror inside! You can cover up the whole surface, or you can leave the half-wheel showing; it’s up to you.

Lazy Suzan



Such a fun breakfast tray! With a little color and glass, transform the while in this useful lazy Suzan!

Pot Rack



You can use the wheel in your kitchen to keep in place all the pots and pans you have. They will be much more accessible and visible to you and won’t make a mess in your kitchen.

Yard Art



Uniquely decorate your garden, attach the wheels so that they hang, paint them if you want, and then put your favorite flowers as a beautiful finish. This decoration is breathtaking.

Make it Picture Frame



If the usual picture frames are just not enough for you, hang this wheel on your wall, and with ordinary clothes, pegs attach your favorite pictures randomly. It looks like art.

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