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Top 20 Astonishing Shin Tattoo Ideas

When you start with tattoos, the first step is to start small. Very rarely will you come across people whose first tattoos are full-blown sleeves on their hands and legs. The journey typically starts with something small and insignificant.

And, once you get a few small colorful tattoos, the urge to get more doesn’t subside. You are in the right place if you are on that road and want to get some unique and quirky shin tattoos. Shin tattoo ideas aren’t that common, but we got your back.

This article will explore the top 20 Shin tattoo ideas that are unique. So, scroll down for all the details.

Top 20 Popular Shin Tattoo Ideas and Their Meaning

When browsing the internet and doing personal research, we realized that shin tattoos might not seem like they could be more popular, but they are. You’d be surprised to know that people prefer getting shin tattoos due to the intimate location.

Also, the pain level is relatively less since the shin is partially muscular. Remember that the tibia bone runs just beneath, so the pain is there but comparably less.

Following are the top 20 popular shin tattoos worth checking out:

1. Full leg tattoo



Before you get confused, let us clarify a few things. We are talking about full-leg tattoos because they cover the shin, too, if you aren’t comfortable inking yourself on a specific body part.

Most full-leg tattoos cover the thighs, knee, and then shins. Some get this in one sitting, while others call it in multiple sittings.

2. Mandala imagery



If you want to include something fun but unique, the Mandala imagery on the shin is a great idea. The fill of black and colors in the design gives it an uplifting look. Also, you can add animal figures and a vivid border along the side to make the design pop.

3. Wolf designs



A wolf or fierce animal design in the shin is relatively uncommon. That’s precisely the reason why you need to do it. They are not commonly done and will make you stand out. Wolf tattoos also represent power and fierceness if that’s something you relate with. You can give an overview of what you want and ask your tattoo artist to sketch you something.

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4. Abstract tattoos



Next up, we have some random abstract tattoos. This is perfect for those who can’t commit to one design. If you want something that’s out of the box but doesn’t involve a lot of creativity, the abstract is the answer. The change in depth and scale of the design of these tattoos is immaculate. Ensure you are sensitive about not including anything culturally inappropriate in the name of art.

5. Tribal tattoos



Many are inspired by abstract art tattoos; another one worth mentioning is tribal tattoos. They are representative of someone’s culture and have a very cool design and pattern to them. The curved lines and patterns look immaculate on the shin.

6. Dragon tattoo



You can’t curate a list of potential tattoo ideas and not include a dragon tattoo inspiration. These are robust, fierce, and powerful tattoos with a masculine edge. You can get them in black and white ink, or the insides shaded and colored.

7. Hawaiian tribal tattoo



Again, getting this outside of the community or culture might be inappropriate. So, educate yourself about the same first and then get one. These tattoos are often inspired by the Polynesian culture and are in dark black and white lines.

8. Flowers around the leg



For something a little delicate and subtle, flowers wrapped around the shin is a great addition too. It has a soft yet subtle appearance, which many people enjoy having on their bodies. You can design your own, get inspiration from the internet or ask your tattoo artist to draw you a sketch.

9. Japanese leg tattoo



Japanese leg tattoos are popular among both men and women. They don’t have delicate lines and strokes. Instead, they are bold and filled in with dark ink. Most of these designs are inspired by nature and Japanese culture and religion.

10. Botanical tattoo



We talked about flowers around the leg in a previous section. But what about a tattoo heavily inspired by nature? Botanical tattoos aren’t very mainstream on the legs. But the inclusion of vines and flowers looks pretty stunning. We’d recommend getting the outlines in black and then filling the flowers with colors.

11. Small leg tattoo



Just because the shin area is quite a large portion of the body doesn’t mean you only need to cover it with prominent tattoos. Smaller tattoos are just as popular. They are delicate, great for beginners, and often hold a lot of significance.

12. Line Tattoo



Not just in terms of art, line tattoos are gaining recognition too. They are aesthetic, unique, and significantly less done. This means you have very little chance of encountering someone with similar tattoos. They require a lot of precision, so get them from a professional and experienced artist.

13. Maori Leg tattoo



If you prefer blocks and patterns more than figures, this is an excellent idea for your shin tattoo. Maori derives its inspiration from tribal life, so much of it is inspired by indigenous people’s culture. You can express a lot of personal growth with these tattoos.

14. Dandelion bundle



Another unique tattoo idea for the shin that’s worth the time is a dandelion bundle. They are bright, colorful, and perfect for both men and women. You can get them in black and white ink or color them too. The shading and depth need to be perfect for a realistic appearance.

15. Angel leg tattoo



This one is pretty common, and everything is in the box. However, we have to include inspirations that are conventional too. Angel tattoos on the shin are pretty standard but quite fun when you think about it. One tip is we’d suggest getting a fresh sketch from your artist.

16. Hand-drawn leaves



Again, if you are looking for something subtle, this is it. You can add a personalized touch to the tattoo with hand-drawn leaves. You can ask people you love to draw you some and then get them on your skin as a reminder of their love.

17. Koi fish tattoo



Another conventional but popular idea for shin tattoos is the koi fish tattoo. These represent life and have a lot of significance in Japanese culture. More than women, this is a great tattoo idea for men who have resilient personalities.

18. Floral ankle tattoo



This one isn’t technically the shin but the end of the shin, right? These delicate options look stunning and add freshness to the otherwise rouge designs. If you don’t want to overdo things, we’d recommend checking this out.

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19. Celtic leg tattoo



Celtic tattoos are popular in general. But, when it comes to leg tattoos, they take the cake. You do have to bear a lot of pain for these. Since they involve filling in the gaps and crevices, they require much time and needlework.

20. Pinecones and berries



If you don’t want something serious, this is a great pick. You can swerve around and get them filled in with bright colors because they look stunning. They are also unisex so that anyone can get them on their shin.

Choosing the Right Design

We have sorted you out with the top 20 shin tattoo designs. Now, if you are sitting there confused about which one to choose, be assured that you aren’t the only one. Being confused is common.

The following tips should help with choosing:

Consider your style – Our list of tattoos above includes various options. You have some conventional tattoo ideas and some non-conventional too. We’d recommend you identify which one you resonate the best with. What represents your style the best?

Think about size and placement – If you don’t want a larger tattoo. Also, the tattoo’s placement matters in how you design your tattoo if you include faces, animals, etc.

Consider the pain factor – Getting a tattoo is painful. Period. The pain might be a little less when you get it on the shin, but it’s there. If you aren’t good with pain, go for smaller tattoos.

Choose a reputable tattoo artist – Tattoos are for life. So, you need to find an experienced artist with a steady and good hand at art. The cheaper you look, the cheaper your tattoo will look.

Aftercare Tips

Once you get your tattoo, your artist will guide you through the aftercare tips. There’s not much you need to do except the following:

Cleaning the tattoo – Ideally, your tattoo artist will provide you with a cleaning solution to clean the tattoo. These keep the tattoo in place anand d prevent risks of infections and exposure to germs.

Moisturizing the tattoo – Proper moisturization ensures that the ink will last long. This is also predominant if you have sensitive or dry skin.

Protecting the tattoo from the sun – If you want it to retain its color, you must protect it from harmful sun rays. The UV rays interact with the tattoo ink and make it fade.

Avoid certain activities – This is a personal aftercare tip and will depend on the size of the tattoo you have gotten. We’d recommend discussing the same at length with your tattoo artist.


And, with that, we come to an end. If you read this, we hope you get some unique tattoos on your shin. Remember that tattoos are personal experiences. So, focus on what designs you want and what works for you. Sometimes, it’s better to listen to and go for your gut feeling.

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