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15 Classy Shoulder Tattoos for Female

Shoulder tattoos have a completely separate fan base among tattoo enthusiasts. They look classy and elegant, and they accessorize any look you want. However, with shoulder tattoos becoming mainstream, finding unique designs can be challenging.

When getting a tattoo, everyone wants something that represents their character and makes them stand out.

Given the diverse range of options, finding classy shoulder tattoos for females can be a little challenging. Don’t worry, though, because we have shortlisted the top shoulder tattoos for females in this article.

Best Places for Shoulder Tattoos

Our shoulders compromise quite a lot of “real estate” on our bodies. So, which part of the shoulder is the best for getting a tattoo? This is a fairly common question that most women have.

And besides the precision in the location, choosing a proper spot on the shoulder also allows you to minimize the pain while getting tattooed. If you have low pain tolerance, choosing a more muscular portion of the shoulder might help.

Following are the best places to get a shoulder tattoo for females:

Over the shoulder – This is particularly great for women wearing off-shoulder or cropped dresses. This is a great placement to consider if you want to show off the ink on the back of your shoulder.

Shoulder blade – This includes the flat area that sits right above the scapula. It is a unique spot to get a tattoo and will induce a little more pain than you expect, so be mindful of that.

Front shoulder – Although not everyone’s first choice, the front of the shoulder is great if you want something minimal. Since you have a lot of bones in that area, you might want to avoid a larger piece if you have low pain tolerance.

Top of the shoulder – Another common tattoo spot is on the shoulder. It can include larger centerpieces and adjoining points you can make the most of.

Shoulder half-sleeve – These can look rouge but extremely enticing if you get them done by a good tattoo artist. It covers half of the shoulder and a little over your shoulder.

Shoulder and chest – If you want a larger chest piece covering the front of your chest and the area around the neck and shoulder, these tattoos involve a lot of detailing, shading, and time.

These are common placements you can consider if you plan to get a shoulder tattoo. Which one you choose depends entirely on the design you are getting and where you want the ink to stay forever.

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Here Are 15 Classy Shoulder Tattoos for Female

When curating a list of the top 15 classy shoulder tattoos for females, we wanted to create a unique and appealing list. Hence, we have managed to shortlist our top picks here.

1. Flower Shoulder Tattoo



When it comes to a shoulder tattoo, flowers are hands down one of the most common designs. But don’t brush it to the curb right away. The beauty and versatility of flowers on the shoulder look very delicate and beautiful.

What’s great about flower tattoos is the list of options you get. You can choose from various pre-existing designs or even plan to get ones representing your vision behind the tattoo. Customizations are very easy with flower tattoos.

If you want something very feminine, you can stick to smaller flower designs, or you can go for sleeves or something more rouge if you want a more powerful-looking tattoo.

2. Whimsical Black Dragon Tattoo



This one is a hit or miss. But, when talking about classy shoulder tattoos for women, this one deserves special mention. What’s great about dragons is their meaning. It has different meanings across different cultures, so that you can plan one according to yours.

Also, the elongated design of the dragon fits snugly around the shoulder, making it perfect for your larger shoulder piece. Paired with the elegance and the kind of power it exudes, there’s no wonder dragon shoulder tattoos are in trend right now.

3. Tiger Tattoo



While we are on a dragon tattoo, why not consider a tiger tattoo? Enriched with a symbolic meaning of leadership and power, it gives a very powerful aura. This is if you want a tattoo representing independence, power, and leadership.

Also, tiger tattoos aren’t mainstream, which means you can have something unique on your shoulder, unlike the others. What’s great about tiger tattoos is that you get to enhance the way the tattoo looks. Instead of just the tiger’s face, you can add florals, vines, etc., around.

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4. Vine Tattoo



Another popular and very common shoulder tattoo for women you can consider is a vine. It is much more common than you think, but the customizations are amazing too. They make a very delicate and feminine shoulder tattoo that you can get over the shoulder, around the front, or on the back.

If you aren’t aware, vines signify a fighter spirit and a desire to thrive amidst challenges. So, if you think that represents your personality, we’d recommend getting this tattoo on your shoulder.

5. Lion Tattoo



While we are on the topic of “common” shoulder tattoos, Lion pieces deserve mention. They are quite mainstream, but they will never go out of style. It’s a great choice for women who are in touch with their masculine side and want something linked with power and ferocity.

Since we are talking about shoulder tattoos, you must explore the larger design pieces. Avoid the smaller and cartoonish lion tattoos if you plan to get one on your shoulder. Instead, get one on the back of your shoulder as a centerpiece.

6. Chandelier and Gemstone



This niche-specific shoulder tattoo works great around the area where your arm and shoulder connect. The elegance of this particular tattoo is breathtaking. You won’t see many women sporting the said design, which is always beneficial.

And, there’s no question about how classy the tattoo looks, especially if you wear off-shoulder or cropped dresses that showcase the curve of your shoulder and arm.

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7.  Skull Shoulder Tattoo



Let us do a complete 360 with the options again. The Skull Shoulder tattoo is one of a kind and symbolizes life and death. Keeping aside the dark meaning behind the tattoo, what’s great about this design is how it looks.

Getting one around the side of your shoulder as a sleeve with precise detailing will take everyone’s breath away. You might feel more pain than usual, but it’s worth it in the end.

8. Clock Shoulder Tattoo



Another classy yet unique shoulder tattoo worth considering is the Clock shoulder tattoo. Instead of getting a plain old and boring clock, spruce up the design with some flowers, vines, and extra elements.

Getting a clock shoulder piece is reminiscent of many things, including how fleeting our existence is on this planet. You can get the customizations or designs made according to your vision.

9. Compass Shoulder Tattoo



While we are on clock shoulder tattoos, why not explore one linked to it? Compass shoulder tattoos stand out as a statement piece. Since they aren’t very diverse, the designs fit well on the back of the shoulder or the front too.

With a compass tattoo, you can symbolize direction and purpose in your life. Like with the clock tattoo, we recommend you get a unique design. Don’t just get a compass on your shoulder. Instead, spruce up the design with some unique elements.

10. Cross Shoulder Tattoo



A cross-shoulder tattoo is a good fit if you are religious and want to bear that mark on your skin. It represents your faith and your belief in your religion. The deep symbolism with these kinds of tattoos often brings peace to the one getting it.

If you want a similar feeling, we recommend you look up unique cross-shoulder tattoos and get one inked across your shoulder.

11. Dream Catcher Shoulder Tattoo



Before you get mad, listen to us out. We know that dream catcher tattoos are now “not in trend,” but you can’t deny that they look stunning and elegant as a shoulder sleeve. So, if you are planning on getting one, we recommend exploring your options.

Dream catcher tattoos require a lot of detailing. So, you can’t get them from random tattoo artists. Save up and book your appointment with a reliable and popular artist with a good reputation. Also, since dream catcher tattoos are so common, try to get a customized sketch done for you.

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12. Eagle Shoulder Tattoo



If you plan to get a shoulder tattoo in the front area, around the clavicle, Eagle shoulder tattoos make a great choice. Eagles represent courage, resilience, and power, so if these resonate with you, this is a great tattoo piece you can consider getting across the front of your chest.

Given how majestic eagles are, you want to get a tattoo representing that energy in the design. Eagle shoulder tattoos are generally large, so that’s another thing you have to keep in consideration.

13. Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo



There’s no point listing out the top shoulder tattoos for women if we don’t even include a butterfly shoulder tattoo. It might not be unique, but it represents growth and femininity. Butterflies also represent freedom and peace.

So, if you are looking for something along those lines, butterfly shoulder tattoos make a great choice. Instead of keeping things simple, try to spruce up the design with additional elements.

14. Tribal Shoulder Tattoos



If you are planning to get a tribal shoulder tattoo, the first step is to find a safe and respectful design. Avoid getting anything that’s disrespectful to the tribe. Most tribal designs involve unique lines and patterns, depending on the culture.

So, identify or draw a design that resonates well with you and then ask your tattoo artist to draw it on your body. Since tribal tattoos require a lot of filling, they are comparably more painful.

15. Celtic Shoulder Tattoo



Last is the Celtic shoulder tattoo. Again, only consider getting one if you belong to a Celtic heritage. You can get one to pay homage to your culture and ancestors. And, since these designs are quite large, they make a great piece for the back of your shoulder.

The knotted design is one of the most common ones that most women get on their shoulders. Most Celtic tattoos represent the strong bond between nature and humanity.


And, with that, we come to an end. Which one out of the fifteen tattoos are you planning to get on your shoulder? Since shoulder tattoos require heavy detailing and a lot of precision, the one thing you can’t miss out on is the artists you are getting it done from. Always consult someone with a good repertoire in the market.

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