Top 10 Puff Pastry Bites to Serve at Parties

The reason why so many people love parties is exactly because of the food – some love to prepare it, while others eat it. If you’re the kind of person who considers themselves as the first (or even the both!), then you know how challenging can cooking be. One of the best foods to serve … Read more

Top 10 Surprising Sandwich Recipes

Top 10 Surprising Sandwich Recipes | Top Inspired

Every once in a while, when we are in a hurry or just want something simple to eat, we make the sandwich. Depending on what place on the planet you live in, the sandwich is different, and it’s usually made with the most common ingredients in that country. For example, if you live in Switzerland, … Read more

Top 10 Ideas for Amazing Croissant Sandwiches

The first thing that pops into our heads when we think of croissants is the plain or chocolate-filled ones that we normally have a whole, with a cup of espresso, preferably in a cafĂ© somewhere in Paris. What will rarely or hardly come to mind is that these amazing breakfast bites can turn into filling … Read more