Top 10 Best DIY Window Boxes

Top 10 Best DIY Window Boxes | Top Inspired

Window box is a practical and easy way for you to display your plants and flowers. They are completely responsible for all the happy and cozy atmosphere at you home. We all know that window displays can be pretty expensive, so maybe the greatest option for you is to make some yourself. Many times you … Read more

Top 10 Fun And Simple Upcycled DIY Kids Projects

KIDS – We try our best to raise them well, take unconditional care of them, and always strive to make sure they’re happy and have everything they need. Since the beginning of time, it’s a well-known fact that kids cherish any kind of toy. So if you want to make something that’s unique, fun, simple, … Read more

Top 10 DIY Upcycled Plastic Jewelry

Constantly expanding your accessory collection can be pretty expensive, so why not try and make some of your own. You can make jewelry out of many different materials, but here, we’ll show you some ideas to use plastic for crafting fashionable necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings. Don’t throw away plastic bottles, cups, and containers, because … Read more

Top 10 Best Crafts for Kids

Top 10 Best Crafts for Kids | Top Inspired

Kids! We have them, we learn to love them, we then really love them, they grow up, they go to school, we live again, but then the unprecedented happens. Their holiday break! What to do? Smartphones away, TV time has been maxed out and the weather and the world we are in at the moment … Read more

Top 10 Best DIY Scarfs

Top 10 Best DIY Scarfs | Top Inspired

As we are approaching summer but, nights are still rather chili, why not take advantage as we all know and love the outdoors. Especially after being tucked away for the best part of a year! So, time to get out a bit and time to look after that neck of yours as we would hate … Read more