Top 10 Most Feminine Sports

Back in the old days, almost all sports were for men. Today women participate in every single sports category and yet, some fields are more feminine than others. Looking at these photos we truly admire the skills, stamina, strength, flexibility, and of course the perfect body they have. Ballet via Ballet is an artistic … Read more

Top 10 Male Celebrities Who Danced Ballet

Top 10 Male Celebrities Who Danced Ballet - You'll be surprised for #3 | Top Inspired

Did you think that ballet was a female thing? Well, guess what? Many boys out there think the opposite, and they have proven it by making the best out of their bodies while dancing. There are thousands of great female ballet dancers out there, and it isn’t a tabu anymore. But today, we are giving … Read more

Top 10 Most Beautiful Photos Of Ballerinas

By definition, Ballet is a type of performance dance that originated in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century and later developed into a concert dance form in France and Russia and since then has become a widespread form of dance. The ballerinas dance with so much elegance, that even the thought of them … Read more

Top 10 Cozy DIY House Slippers

There’s nothing better in wintertime than relaxing at home with a hot beverage in hand, just wandering around the house in your warmest, coziest slippers. Yet on those own times, we often find ourselves searching for something to do, some project that will help us pass the time and feel like we’ve accomplished something in … Read more

Top 10 Dancing In The Sunrise Photos

Top 10 Dancing In The Sunrise Photos | Top Inspired

We all love the silhouettes of dancers and their unique moves. But this article is different because it shows you how it looks while they dance in the morning light, right on the sunrise. That is the most beautiful part of the day, and occurs before many people wake up, but thank goodness there are … Read more