Top 10 Wonderful DIY Women’s Winter Vests

Traditionally a man’s piece of clothing as part of the classic three-piece suit, the vest has recently taken a stronghold in women’s fashion. If layering is your preferred clothing style, the vest is the perfect item for you and you can also wear it when you’re feeling a bit cold, but not too much that … Read more

Top 10 Fabulous DIY Keychains

Top 10 Fabulous DIY Keychains | Top Inspired

Keychains are probably by far the most necessary accessories we’ve ever used, starting from the first keychain your parents gave you and asked you to hold onto it (even though chances are you didn’t) to your first visit to the office depot in search of one for your new office keys. They serve to keep our … Read more

Top 10 DIY Sewed Cowl Scarves

Top 10 DIY Sewed Cowl Scarves | Top Inspired

Cowl scarves are truly unique clothing accessories. They look really cozy and warm, but when made from certain materials they can be worn all year long. Although cowls look very chunky, which is a look no woman likes, they still have a certain charm that can’t fully be explained. The crocheted or knitted cowl scarves … Read more

Top 10 DIY Leg Warmers

Top 10 DIY Leg Warmers | Top Inspired

The weather is slowly but steadily getting colder, yet some women are still not ready to give up wearing their short skirts or dresses. When they give them a good look, can you honestly blame them? If you are one of those women, then what will you do to prolong your skirt wearing days? Well, … Read more

Top 10 Faux Fur Ideas

If you want to stay warm, and also look trendy and stylish for any occasion, why not trying combinations of jackets and shawls made from faux fur. Sumptuous and snuggly, it’s a fact that fur is kinder and cheaper than the real thing and better-looking than ever. Go a little wild by combining sleek shapes … Read more

Top 10 DIY Faux Gemstones For Homemade Jewelry

Top 10 DIY Faux Gemstones For Homemade Jewelry | Top Inspired

When it comes to jewelry, it’s a fact that most women prefer it to be made from real gemstones rather than gemstone imitations. And for a very good reason – they’re much more skin-friendly in terms of allergies, and they look much shinier. That’s great if you’re someone who can afford a good piece of … Read more