Top 10 DIY Party Crafts

We love a good party, and kids do too whatever their age bracket. Whatever the occasion they are the same as us, they do not care for which occasion, just an excuse for a party with our closest friends and family. Often though, parties involve a rather large amount of money being spent, and these … Read more

Top 10 Best DIY Scarfs

Top 10 Best DIY Scarfs | Top Inspired

As we are approaching summer but, nights are still rather chili, why not take advantage as we all know and love the outdoors. Especially after being tucked away for the best part of a year! So, time to get out a bit and time to look after that neck of yours as we would hate … Read more

Top 10 DIY Crochet Baby Shoes

Top 10 DIY Crochet Baby Shoes | Top Inspired

If you have kids, these little cute furballs are simply incredible. And what we get from most parents, or people really into the whole baby thing, they all have one thing they love about them. It is their feet! Ah, we could munch on them all day long. It’s addictive, don’t judge us! And so, … Read more

Top 10 DIY Projects for Renters

Owning an apartment or a home of any kind is an absolute blessing and a dream to so many of us. However, what about if this is what you wish to increase your monthly income? Part of a job lifestyle? Then, you have already considered buying to rent. The idea is for your home to … Read more

Top 10 Beautiful DIY Afghans

Top 10 Beautiful DIY Afghans | Top Inspired

You have made every possible thing out of wool and yarn, you’ve made your scarfs, you knitted sweatshirts and made baby clothes for all the neighbors and family but what’s next to feed your addiction to this superb pass time? The answer is easy, we’re heading towards home decor. These are the top 10 DIY … Read more

TOP 10 DIY Hair Accessories

Hair clips are great accessories to enhance hair beauty. Even when you do not have much time to spend in front of the mirror using iron and curlers to create a hairstyle, alternate this process by using hair accessories. Here we create a list of the top 10 DIY accessories you can do for no … Read more

Top 10 DIY Patchwork Projects

Top 10 DIY Patchwork Projects | Top Inspired

If you are an avid fan of arts and crafts and love being different then you might wish to look no further. By all means, paint the walls all white and go for the minimalist look, but have you thought about the homemade details which will make your home stand out and scream your personality? … Read more

Top 10 Best DIY Belts

Top 10 Best DIY Belts | Top Inspired

Belts are one accessory that is, in reality rather simple, something to hold up your pants or skirts, but similar to shoes, that creates an impact as no other accessory would. And very often we tend to find the same old boring belts unless you are prepared to pay silly prices for something a little … Read more

Top 10 DIY Recycled Projects

Top 10 DIY Recycled Projects | Top Inspired

The word recycling has been a household name for many years. Overall, many of us are becoming more Earth-conscious and aware of our polluting abilities. And for that, recycling enables us all to do our part for the good of our planet protecting every breathing thing all around us. And, it is a great way … Read more

Top 10 DIY Crochet Rugs

Let’s face it, we have had the time to finish every known series on Netflix, and have gone partially blind and lost IQs in the process of filtering through Social Media for hours on end. So, time to get creative, and give technology a rest. Heck, go for a walk in nature, breath in some … Read more