Top 10 Beach Essentials For Summer

The time you spend at the beach is probably the most relaxing time during the whole year. Many quotes refer that all of the problems disappear while you are at the beach and this might be true. But still, there is only one little concern that remains – the beachwear fashion. As long as the fashion … Read more

Top 10 Creative Gifts You Make In Less Than 30 Minutes

Top 10 Creative Gifts You Make In Less Than 30 Minutes | Top Inspired

No matter if we are going to a birthday party or we just want to surprise a beloved one with a gift, sometimes that can cost us a lot of money, especially if we are aiming high. But, we all know that it is the attention that matters the most. The more the gift has … Read more

Top 10 Powerful Photos Of Women Who Changed History

Top 10 Powerful Photos Of Women Who Changed History | Top Inspired

Looking back through our history, it’s hard not to notice how women have pushed away from anything that mattered and seemed important. No matter which age we are looking at, what the woman was supposed to do was to be a good housewife, a wife, a mother. She had to know how to wear dresses … Read more

Top 10 Best DIY Junk Projects

Top 10 DIY Junk Projects | Top Inspired

We all have some old items at our homes, which are actually a dust-collectors and when we notice that, the first thing that crosses our mind is to throw them out. But, weathered wood, rusty metal, chippy paint, tattered books and other vintage things can be reused and repurposed into something new and useful. We’ve searched … Read more

Top 10 DIY Kid’s Book Storage Ideas

Top 10 DIY Kid’s Book Storage Ideas | Top Inspired

It is an undeniable fact that reading plays an essential role in the children’s cognitive and behavioral development, whether it’s done by the children or their parents. Not to mention the doors it will open to some whole new worlds that will deepen along with their imagination. However, the deeper the imagination, the greater the … Read more

Top 10 Pretty And Practical DIY Shelves

There are several ways to solve your empty wall problem. The most obvious one is by hanging some pictures or some wall art, which will fill up the emptiness of the wall but that’s as far as their usefulness goes. If you consider yourself a more practical person, you’d probably like more the idea of … Read more

Top 10 Wonderful DIY Paper Ornaments

Top 10 Wonderful DIY Paper Ornaments  | Top Inspired

There are two more weeks till the big holiday and now it’s a real time to decorate your Christmas tree with some adorable and unique ornaments. Every year we buy a lot of the special ornaments, but this Christmas is the perfect time to make them by yourself, because the decorations we make with our own hands … Read more

Top 10 DIY Ways to Decorate with Vintage Book Pages

Those who appreciate a good story know that the only place they can find it is in between the pages of an old book. Besides, there’s something to that vintage look and scent of the books that we can’t help buying more and more of them instead of turning to e-books. So, as a result, … Read more